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 Ludshott Photographic Club
     Member of the Surrey Photographic Association     
Affiliated to the Photographic A
lliance of Great Britain

The Club welcomes new members. If you are thinking about 
learning more about your photography why not come to one of 
our meetings to see what we do. Contact us at
Next Meetings 2014/5
20th Apr             Competition -     Club PDI No 4  Judge Bob Webzell                            EFIAP ARPS    
27 Apr           PRINT CRITIQUE AND WORKSHOP. This is                        an extra meeting in the Timothy room to                           answer questions and give advice on your                         prints. 
9th May          SPA Inter Club Championship  Village                             Hall, East Horsley    
11th May        Presentation - Brighton and Beyond  By                             Trevor Gellard FRPS                    

Orange hair by Brian Thomas
Internal Competitions 
Enjoying the sunshine by Brian Bond

Angus at our 2010 BBQ
 Kingfisher by John Wichall LRPS CPAGB

Club News  

Walk on the River Wey

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